Never in a million years did I EVER think I would be writing this, for those of you who have been a long time supporter have known I have struggled with painful, cystic acne all over my face for years. Through high school, throughout modeling, and now at 24 I can finally feel comfortable in my bare skin..

Struggling with acne, first and foremost is honestly a pain that many overlook, Not only does it damages your self esteem internally, but also your confidence , and how you feel about yourself and your body physically.


I personally can’t express how many days I’ve spent balling my eyes out, the night before a shoot, and even on my days off crying because I had a face covered in acne. I had no choice but to pile on tons and tons of heavy foundation because I could not go anywhere without having it and feeling confident. If you are struggling with acne babes know that it will get better. I’ve tried everything from topical creams, microdermabrasion, and antibiotics which all failed me. Then one day after shooting a really big commercial, I decided to see one last dermatologist and he took one look and said ACCUTANE. Now babes I do not want to promote nor cosign a pharmaceutical drug but Accutane also known as Isotretinoin literally cured my acne. After the first two months I have not had a single breakout —


Now before I say how much isotretneion has cured my acne let me begin by saying the first few months were tough. My lips cracked, they were dry, they bled, and my mood swings and energy levels were extremely low. I had lots of joint pain, and still to this day far sighted blurred vision and occasional joint pain, But I’m definitely pushing through I’m a soldier ya’ll lol but honestly I can’t believe while writing this how much I was suffering silently with my skin, and now with only 2 months left, I’m eager to come off of isotretenion and have a nice sweet glass of Merlot.. JK JK. but I do love red wine.

So on a lighter note, Let’s talk about this new skincare routine, which you babes wanted for so long!

holy grails

  • Aveeno Positively radiant Daily Scrub

  • Gentle Moisturizer

  • 30 Spf Sunscreen


At first I was hesitant to share because I was ashamed of how anyone would receive this.. Considering most models have aestheticians, and 5 or more skincare products and steps / routines.. but I’ve learned this is what works best for me and there is hopefully someone out there that can benefit from this knowledge. Simple. Affordable, and Effective.


how to be confident with ACNE?

Embrace it

Baby acne does not last forever, and the best way I overcame this struggle was firstly accepting it and being resilient enough to try and try time again to fight it and cure it. Always remember that to be human is to be flawed.

Document it

I found so much freedom in documenting my acne journey and opening up about it (via YouTube) that it has allowed me to connect with others who’ve also had this problem which made me feel less alone


Know that it will get better, and you will look back one day and see how much you have learned about yourself, and how much your beauty radiates from the inside out! xx