5 Tips to Rock & Own the Buzz Cut with STYLE

5 Tips to Rock & Own the Buzz Cut with STYLE

Hello lovebirds, today on this blog post I will be sharing some tips on personal style and how to rock and own your buzz cut. This is exactly where the magic begins babes and when you find your rhythm it’s going to be absolutely amazing!

For me personally, after having the buzz cut for over 3 years, I have SWAPPED my everyday style from basic tops and tees, and cubic zirconia earrings lol, to oversized hoops and baggy fits to now no earrings ands no bra Hashtag #FreetheNips #ImABadAssBih Lol. — Oh yeah and Side Bar — I feel like a living breathing goddess in 2019 with my bald head, tattoos out and occasional sultry self, showing skin, and serving melanin and collarbones on a plate to a diner near you lol. Corny I know, but that’s my currently my energy. Boop. But yes babes believe me when I say, you will go through several evolutions post buzzcut, and that’s literally the beauty of what comes along with shaving your head..

SO M U C H D A M N F R E E D O M ! ! !

So here we go, Let’s talk personal style for a minute..

I love to PLAY. Sometimes I like to be sexy, sometimes sporty, and sometimes chic. But ultimately buzzing my hair has allowed to find my rhythm which I now realised is a combination of everything I love. Everyday basic looks, sometimes cool street style, and now my mature and sophisticated side has come out to play with my all black attire.. — I must admit, Finding your personal style babes is a major key into rocking and owning your cut.. but confidence confidence, confidence conquers all. Anything you do, anything you rock, anything you wear, must always be done with confidence.

7 Tips for Rocking the Buzz Cut

Tip #1 - Personal Style - Find what accentuates your look, and your body. I always go with what feels good over what looks good, because you will radiate how you feel from the inside out. Also if it helps build pinterest boards of some of your favourite fashion looks and icons that will help guide you into choosing outfits that fit your taste and ofcourse lifestyle.

Tip #2 - Skin. Skin. Skin - I personally love off the shoulder tops that accentuate my neck and collarbones. So pretty much any tops that are tanks, half shoulder, back out, dainty strings, black, and fitted are my favourites. It just adds a sexy sleek look to any buzz cut.

Tip #3 - Earrings - If you’re a hoops type of girl rock it! Hoops always add a stylish element to any simple everyday outfit. The bigger the hoops the better x

Tip #4 - Makeup Looks - This is where the fun begins, I love a natural no makeup - makeup look, its so fresh and minimal that it suits everything I throw on, and drumroll please there is the BEAT FACE. You can’t say beat without saying buzzed. I LOVE ME a bold red lip, Lashes, and a smokey eye. These makeup looks can really accentuate a buzz cut drawing all of the attention to a gorgeous face.

Tip #5 - Nails. Nails. Nails. - Who is she and what happened to the old me ? I have recently been loving trips to the nail salon. And honestly babes I feel as if I’ve been missing out my whole life. Pointy natural nails, with any polish in between nude, beige, and taupe are my absolute favourite. It really elongates my fingers and gives me a stylish look to compliment my outfits.