6:05 am Sunrise

I love waking up to sun, Feeling it’s soft rays gently kissing my skin. I love the sounds of tiny baby birds chirping during sunrise outside my bedroom window — IH

Lately I’ve been waking up at 6 am, every day of this week.. As if my body doesn’t need an alarm clock. Maybe that’s God’s way of subtly communicating with me. Every day is gift. A new day to try again. I love my coffee hot and black firs thing after a meal in the morning. Damn what is this. My thoughts are everywhere. I miss writing, It’s the middle of April and I’ve finally packed away all of my winter clothes. I’ve organised my closet, purchased some new scented candles, and swapped all of my baggy fits for more chic feels. I have my Pinterest boards with tons of pins to keep me inspired throughout this spring in New York, and before I know it, in two weeks I’ll be beginning my accutane journey. . To be continued - Iesha H xx