Going Vegan & Making Major Lifestyle Changes

Wow. Never in a million years would I have ever imagined saying this babes.. but I am officially saying goodbye to meat and diary and going cold turkey Vegan. That’s right I made up my mind, today March 4th 2019, to cut the bs, and really take full ownership over my life, and my health. That means no more late night snacking, red lobster runs, frozen margaritas, and the occasional I’m craving cheese, so let me order a big ass bowl of pesto pasta with extra shrimp and chicken with a glass of cabernet or merlot 9 ounce please make sure it’s sweet.. it has to stop.

My health being my number one priority and my acne prone skin as my #1 driving factor has forced the hell out of me or shall I say more politely, encouraged me to make the decision to begin this major lifestyle change beginning right now.

What I can say though.. now at 24, is that I’m a fully grown adult, and growing up on processed food is not an excuse. I have the passion, will power, and means to make my own healthy choices and to better myself into becoming the strong, healthy, and an all rounded sophisticated woman that I’ve always dreamed of being. I know for a fact this journey will not be easy but I cannot wait to see the results. For more of wellness journey click the video, and don’t forget to subscribe xx

Cheers to beginning a brand new journey xo - i  ♡