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How to become the best version of yourself | 7 Tips

XO IESHA4 Comments
How to become the best version of yourself | 7 Tips

We are only 13 days into the new year babes, and I see just about everyone and their momma nonstop chasing the bag lol. #Hashtag #BookedandBusy #Winning #BackToWork and the most infamous #BagSecured

But Iesha what’s so wrong with getting to the bag? You get the bag and fumble it too? *Okay okay corny I know, but lately I’ve been thinking…

Something is slightly different in the air for me this year.. 2019. My spirit is seeking something beyond monetary gain and influence, Which I’ve come to realise is actually purpose. It’s passion. It’s Impact. It’s inspiring the ones that do connect and relate to me.


In this year want to primarily focus on bettering myself every single day and not just for the sake of me, but also for the sake of others. After doing some occasional research on this topic which I’ve come to find out is called Wellness, I jotted down a list of 7 Tips that will help you become a better you, if not the best version of yourself. Again these Tips, are small actions that I implement into my daily life, and I really hope you babes can at least take something valuable away.

Tip #1 - Have a strict Morning Routine

I start many of my days very very early. Some at 6 am and some days earlier depending on where in the world I am for work. I wake up and do not touch my phone or check emails. Instead I reach over for my 365 day devotional by Sarah Young and read quietly the short inspirational passages according to what date it is. This centers me. It allows me to start my day on a positive note, no matter what triumphs or challenges the day might bring. And ofcourse I thank God. Since I’ve been seeking him more than ever.. to unveil the true woman he has designed me to be, I began a prayer journal where I can keep my journey and important scriptures documented.

Tip #2 - Always walk with pen and paper

No matter where you go, always having a pen and paper on call is great. When you write down your priorities, even if it’s just something as simple as a grocery list, it will ensure that you are on point and not miss a beat. I know as humans we do tend to think a million thoughts a day, especially myself, being a model, blogger, and entrepreneur, wearing many hats and sometimes I just need to sort out all of these thoughts, so my mind can create new ones.

Tip #3 - Exercise

Girllllll let me tell you, when it comes to the gym, I’m not the most enthusiastic person, until I’ve learned that no matter what shape or size you are, you’ve got to work out and move your muscles. Ever since I was training for the show, last year I would hit the gym 4x a week, which now I’m working out 3 times a week, just to keep my body from feeling sluggish, so I can be productive.

Tip #4 - Watch Inspirational & Motivational Videos

Sis. Pause your netflix movie. Log out of Social Media, and watch something good for your soul. On most days I’m always listening to TD Jakes, and on Sundays Joel Osteen. Along with Sarah Roberts, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey, and Devon Franklin. Listening to podcasts, inspirational material and or videos, will give your spirit a boost of powerful information and inspiration!

Tip #5 - Spend Time Alone

The ice breaker. Let’s be honest, no one really likes to spend time alone, but its so valuable and vital to get to know yourself. I dedicate time out of my day for me time. Whether that’s a solo travel trip, nail and spa appointment or a simple walk to get fresh air, it’s really crucial to have that one on one time with yourself.

Tip #6 - Try Everything

Many times we don’t grow and become complacent because we don’t explore the world of possibilities. That Youtube channel you were thinking of creating, do it! That island you’ve been dreaming of going to, plan it! That new hobby that’s been at the back of your mind? Go for it babes

Tip #7 - Share and Embrace your Journey

The one thing I’ve realised helped me grow so much is being vocal! Sharing my story, and documenting my journey has triggered me to want to improve and move forward, It has also connected me with many others that share similar passions! Sending you love and light in this brand new year.

xx - Iesha