Stepping into the New Year with Style | 5 Tips for feeling good and looking good

Stepping into the New Year with Style | 5 Tips for feeling good and looking good

Iesha’s Style Diaries

Entry 1 -

I thought long and hard before the clock hit 12am, if I could actually blog about style, and if it had any substance besides oh hey boo look at me, I look cute today. But when I think back about all the moments and pictures of that same Iesha who was smiling in her photos was the same girl balling her eyes out hours before, made all the difference. . .

Style got me right out of bed, when nothing else could. It got my creative juices flowing, and sparked some happy nerve inside of me whenever I was ready to leave out the house . So.. I say all of this to say that.. style can be so powerful. It’s liberating women, and it can truly change our moods and the way we feel. For a short period of time I stopped wearing pink, which ofcourse is my favourite color, and I still to this day don’t even know exactly why that happened. It’s like a switch went off and so did all of my energy to dress in bright colors. So for today’s post and start of the new year, I know this may sound a little corny but I’ve decided to put my happy color on boo. She back and she better!


I really want to use Iesha’s Style Diaries, to share my love of style, and infuse it with inspiration to and for all women. I will always begin sharing what works for me, in hopes that in any shape or form it will work for you too.

So here’s my 5 tips for always feeling good and looking good at the same damn time

Tip #1 - When in doubt, always opt for Color

Color. Color. Color. is always in my wardrobe, no matter what time of the year it is. There’s something so inviting, and uplifting about a woman who wear’s color with confidence and exudes an everlasting light. I realised that from prior experience color can truly enhance your mood, simultaneously your wardrobe. I always feel that I always look my best in something bright and colourful. IE: Red, yellows, and ofcourse pink

Tip #2 - Fitted Fits

Okay okay, this one may be up for debate but fitted fits, ( jeans and tops) always give me that confidence boost. Sometimes fitted clothing can accentuate our bodies better than some pieces that are a bit baggier. Don’t get me wrong I’ve come a long way from tomboy to top model lol but when my outfits fit my body to the T, I always feel great.

Tip #3 -Fragrance

An outfit is never complete with out fragrance, and I’ve been into floral scents for yearsssss. I’m in love with the original Chloe perfume but now I opt for a more sophisticated french scent by Diptyque. It’s Parisian. I’m telling you, it will get your man snatched haha just kidding. But before I leave out to go anywhere, excluding the gym, a light swish or two or three makes any outfit come alive.

Tip #4 - Simplicity

I cannot stress this enough! Majority of my favourite outfits are the most simplest outfits ones you can think of. A blazer dress and thigh highs simple. Or maybe a pair of jeans with a nice top. Picking a statement piece that does all the talking instead of gucci head down to the toe, is something I always tell myself.

Tip #5 - Comfort is Key

Whoever said that when you look good you feel good, has it all wrong babe. Because when you truly FEEL good, it will radiate from the inside out. Inner beauty always shines.

xx - Iesha