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2019 Goal Setting | Tips for Kickstarting the New Year

XO IESHA1 Comment
2019 Goal Setting | Tips for Kickstarting the New Year

“ No matter where life takes you, there is always room for improvement” xx - i

This is something I always remind myself of as I climb the ladder of success, that no matter what milestone I reach in life, there is still room to grow, learn, and prosper. So I’m starting off my new blog, with 5 Major Tips for kickstarting the new year.

Before I begin sharing 5 tips that have personally helped me this past year, let me begin by saying there is power in writing everything down. I love to have a clear mind, and a clear vision of everything I want to accomplish in the new year for 2019. Writing down ideas sounds so cliche’ babes but let me tell you it’s the beginning of manifesting your dreams into reality.


I currently have two pads, one a 2019 planner, and the other a lined journal. I begin with jotting down everything that comes to mind. My goals, my aspirations, special projects I would love to work on, my new blog, ( which landed at the very top of this list) and then I leave room for the unknown.

Sometimes when goal planning, I just jot down the fastest, most desirable things that come to mind. Like God, you know what would be nice for next year? My dream man lol. But no on a serious note, I re-worded this leaving a small window open for love... We shall see ha! <3

Now getting back on track. all goals have layers beyond surface level. For example: What about financial goals? How much money do I want to make a year? A month? In a week? What about travel? Where exactly too? Saying I want to just travel is way too broad. Saying I want to have a successful business and blog is too broad as well. Being specific and narrowing down my goals is key.

Getting specific allows your mind to focus on exactly what you are set out to do. This thought process has geared me toward smaller health goals, like cutting dairy completely out my diet, which I know always give me acne, and other smaller goals like increasing my water in-take a day, which means I’ve gotta put down the Merlot. lol

So let’s jump right into my 5 TIPS

Tip #1 - Set goals into categories

Here’s how I began. I created 7 columns in my notebooks divided into sections.

Career | Finances | Travel | Spiritual | Health | Events | Business

Tip #2 - Get extremely specific

How much money do you want to make? How do you plan to do this? How much money will you save? These are all stepping stones that will help manifest your goals.

Tip #3 - Leave some *ish behind

So important! When goal planning it’s easy to saying how much we want certain things out of life, but also writing down what we are leaving behind aka SACRIFICING is a major goal on it’s own.

Tip #4 - Create a Mantra

My mantra for 2019, is to create the life you love. Using all of my God given talents to have a bigger and more meaningful impact on women across the world. Creating a mantra, and having positive affirmations, images, or a vision board will get you one step closer to fulfilling you dreams.

Tip #5 - Write it out

Get a planner my love, and write it out! Every single thing! Let’s make 2019 an incredible year

xx - Iesha