Welcome my loves to fémmebyiesha blog, an online platform and community for all women to be encouraged, get inspired, and most of all feel empowered. I want these words in this blog, to breathe life into you babes, reminding you all of our superpowers, because we are more than JUST “beautiful”, we are BAD ASS WOMEN.. Powerful, divine, fearless, compassionate, strong, resilient, and oh let’s not forget this one BABY, unstoppable! — I read a quote somewhere that said, “that none of this is for them, that none of it can be for them”, and that’s right dammit, I’m talking about men. Adore them yes, understand them no, but that’s a whole different story lol. What I’m trying to say is that we are not doing any of this for men. Our hair, our makeup, our body, our CHOICE. This blog is for us lovey!


Why we do it?

We empower ourselves to better us. To improve our lives, and livelihood, to impact our sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, girlfriends and so forth and so on. Oh and let me just add one more thing — When God revealed to me my calling was to impact women, and inspire them I got excited, YAS ! YASSSS JESUS USE ME! But my question was how? And he then began to reveal to me how to use my gifts.. not just my beauty, but my brains. And here my loves came along fémme, (french for woman) my women empowerment brand for mind, body, and spirit, a warm indulgence of handmade products, an online shop, weekly blogs for women, and valuable content, all with the goal in mind of building a stronger community of fearless, powerful women.

Fémme is actually a true extension of myself, growing into womanhood, understanding what it means to BE a woman, trusting my intuition, finding my voice, walking in my calling, and being of service to others. It took me 24 years to realise this, that the power of a woman is not in her curves, or her body, or how much male gaze and attention she can hold, the power of a woman is in her heart, and by her character. All of these words are handwritten by me as I am entering this new phase of my life with purpose, and aligning myself to be of service to other women. It truly drives me crazy when people call me cute, when God knows the strong woman he has molded inside and outside of me

I want us to journey through this thing called life together, having a platform you babes can come too daily, and even weekly for inspiration and to know that there is a platform out here just solely written to empower, without anything in return. So that’s all my chatting for now let’s jump straight into 10 ways to empower yourself.


We all have to believe in something. Whether you are a believer, deeply spiritual, or non religious, having hope in a power greater than ourselves is the biggest way to empower yourself — Being a woman of God, first and foremost has changed my life in ways that I can’t even begin explain. I can rest assure, knowing that the creator is at work in my life, and that I don’t have to worry or stress over the small stuff. When women are spiritually in tune, amazing things happen. We are given the gift of discernment, and insight. We have a strong sense of intuition to guide us with career, life, love, relationships, and circumstances. And we are open to love in our hearts because we know who we are and whose we belong too. Can I get a AMEN?!


“A woman who reads is dangerous woman

As Oprah said, “keep yourself full and your cup will always runneth over”. When we fill our souls up with knowledge, wisdom, creativity and inspiration incredible things happen! I will include a separate blog posts of reads and podcasts that have changed my life, but this one book I stumbled upon “ What I know for sure”by Oprah Winfrey is pure gold. Oprah’s wisdom on life, is an incredible read for every women. She talks about enjoying life, the power of saying NO, and creating 4 & 5 star experiences that can brighten any stressful day or area of your life, into a better one.


I recently just swapped going to the gym for a more lighter practice, YOGA: balancing the mind body and spirit. Now I’m not expert, but being able to practice my breathing while controlling my stress zones by decreasing my cortisol levels has helped tremendously. Yoga in fact, doesn’t have to be the route you take but any physical activity that gets the body up and moving, is so important and a very necessary way to empower yourself. You will feel less stressed, and more clear on your daily / weekly intentions


Girl you better get a notebook and start writing. I don’t mean Dear Diary, today my ex slid in my dms, lol I mean get any notebook and write down your goals. Be very clear, write specifically what you want out of life and why. — Whenever I re-visit my journals I can see how far I’ve come, what manifested, and what didn’t, and I’m able to sort out my priorities. Majority of most successful people on this planet have written out their ideas. So when you put thoughts on paper, you are one step closer to manifesting what you have put your mind out too.


“Sweat pants hair tied, chilling with no makeup on”

Oh babes, this one is soooo important! As women we can be so concerned at times with our hair, our nails, our clothes, our social media, and everything else in between. But it’s important to have an off switch. At least for a day. No fancy photos, no fancy clothes, just enjoying our natural selves, a bubble bath, good film, good food, and even good company. We are now living in the time of a digital age where we are more connected than ever, and it is perfectly fine to disconnect occasionally and focus on yourself 


Trust me I was that girl. I always used to hear the word affirmations and be like yeah right I’m not doing that. I already know I’m beautiful, I already know I’m deserving. Yeah OK Iesha. So why you crying over that man, that’s talking to other women :) - Huh? I thought you knew your worth

There days when I feel absolutely low. I don’t feel the prettiest, I may have breakouts, bloating, and just don’t feel like myself. So what do I do, I remind myself I’m the King’s Kid. I get myself up, get moving, into the mirror and repeat to myself Babe you are beautiful, you are more than enough, you are a goddess, you are everything, and immediately this self talk peps me up and I start to feel a whole lot better. Try it on a bad day, and I’ll guarantee an affirmation will uplift your spirits.


I cannot go a day without music! Sometimes a single song can be everything I need and more at a given moment to realise those endorphins and dance it all out. In my bedroom I have a 7 foot mirror standing tall and I would put my cute fitting clothing on some little shorts and a workout out top and start moving that body girl! I know we all have that inner Beyonce or shall I say Sasha Fierce, ( in this case, mines is Rihanna ) but unleashing her is so powerful! That’s just the beauty of being a women. We don’t have to be one thing all the time. We can be everything and exude many personalities depending on how we feel. Sometimes I want to be chill, so that day I’m chill. Some days I want to be sexy and feminine, and I’ll do that too. There are no limitations to any of us.


The best experience in life is too travel. — I’ve been so blessed to see different parts of the world, and I encourage all women to at least in a lifetime take a trip overseas, or even domestically. Yes sis that gucci bag looks nice, and that 200 dollar pair of shoes would be nice, but an even richer experience is a plane ticket to a place you’ve never been. There you would explore so many parts of yourself, and other people too. No lie, some of my most creative ideas have come from sitting on a plane, or in a hotel room, so I definitely encourage you babes to at least give it at try.



I always have to get a dose of inspiration. Some of my favourite motivational speakers are TD Jakes, Sarah Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Devon Franklin, and Les Brown. I want you babes to do the work as well and find motivational speakers you like to listen too! These are just some of my faves.


There is saying that says iron sharpens iron. We have to continue to surround ourselves with other powerful women!

Xx - Iesha H