fémme by iesha
fémme by iesha
empowering women handwritten by - iesha h


about fémme

Welcome to fémmebyiesha my loves. Fémme french for woman is a representation of my journey to and through womanhood. How my pain, my triumphs, and my past led me to finding God, my voice, my purpose, my passion, my creativity and my healing.


Let me begin by saying thank you for being here and reading this. If you came here looking for a hair serum I love you already. That’s next to come but I do not want you babes money. I want to inspire you all. STARTING with my words. Fémme started off as a natural homemade hair serum for women, and then blossomed into a passion project of mines that allows me to develop my product while also using all of my talents and gifts to continue to inspire and create for all women.

Fémmebyiesha as I now introduce to you babes is in fact my very own women empowerment lifestyle brand. Any shape or form I can be into service to other girls is what my mission with using this platform is for. Whether that’s sharing my words, parts of my story, beauty and lifestyle tips, and soon come products for women, I want fémme to be an experience. This is my passion project, my baby, and encompassing every creative aspect of me as a woman.

I hope you all enjoy xx - I