fémme by iesha
fémme by iesha
empowering women handwritten by - iesha h


I’m IESHA. Some of you may know me as a fashion model, or that babe with the blonde shaved head, but these titles no longer serve the identity of the woman and artist I truly am. At heart I’m a lover. Storyteller, Writer, Creative, an earthy soul who loves to share and document her life as I navigate through this earth, But the fearless woman you are looking at today wasn’t always quite that way.

3 years ago I made a life changing decision to shave my head, in the midst of my career. At that time I was so broken and I knew God was calling me to come closer and to love myself. Shaving my head was the actual beginning of my healing, my freedom, and my journey to self love. I had to re-learn everything. How to love and embrace the skin I’m in, how hair is and will always be just an accessory and it could never define my beauty, and lastly how being fearlessly me, would give other women the permission to be fearlessly themselves.

I wrote this piece and this blog with the intention in mind of having a place of inspiration for all women. Something I wish I had access to growing up. For as long as I can remember, I have always been connected to women, and I now I know that my true passion and calling in this life is to serve. Whether that’s sharing my story, my love for style, beauty, decor, and life, I want you babes to experience this blog as a place for daily inspiration. Whether young or mature I hope I can leave a piece of me with you all as I continue to better myself. Here I will be incorporating more than just beauty, but wellness. Loving the mind, body, and spirit, as well as healthy eating, fitness, and self care. Oh and one more thing, I want you babes to join this journey with me. Let’s go Xx - I